Amaranth Sweet-balls (Amaranth Laddu)

Amaranth Sweet Balls / Amaranth Laddu Now a days People are in search for healthy food, food full of fibers,  food that will quench your appetite for food and provide you with energy for a while. Then Amaranth is a good option.  The name amaranth comes from ancient Greece and means eternal living or without an end. Ingredients for Amaranth Laddu Amaranth (dry roasted) 200 gram Honey 50 ml Peanuts (dry roasted and crushed) 50 gram preparation. Keep 1 tablespoon of the dry roasted Amaranth for later use. Heat a thick bottomed pan and dry roast Amaranth and the crushed … Continue reading Amaranth Sweet-balls (Amaranth Laddu)