• Beef Curry with Mushroom Sauce

    Beef Curry with Mushroom Sauce

    500 large mushrooms fresh

    500 gram Beef cut into medium sized pieces

    Shallots 100 grams finely sliced

    1 tbsp wheat flour

    20 g clarified butter

    100 ml white wine, dry or vegetable stock

    150 g crème fraîche

    Salt to taste

    Pepper powder as per taste

    Wash and cut the beef into medium sized pieces.  

    Season the beef pieces with salt and pepper. 

    Then heat clarified butter in a pan and sauté the the beef for about 20 minutes till the outer side of the beef pieces change colour and cooked.

    Remove from the pan and keep warm covered.

    For the sauce, clean the mushrooms by rub drying using a kitchen paper and cut into fine slices.

    Then sauté the shallots for about 1 minute.

    Add the sliced mushrooms and sauté for 2-3 minutes and add wheat flour. 

    Then add the white wine and deglaze with the crème fraiche. 

    Cover and simmer over low heat for about 5 minutes. 

    When the sauce is ready, put the schnitzel back in and leave to stand for another 3 minutes.

    Add the cooked beef to the sauce and allow to simmer for 2-5 minutes and remove from heat.

  • Oats Cutlet, Tasty, Crispy and Easy


    Rolled oats dry roasted 250 gram

    Potatoes boiled and mashed 250 grams

    Paneer 100 gram

    Carrot grated 2 nos

    Green Chilli finely chopped 2 nos

    Ginger Garlic paste 1 teaspoon

    Garam masala 1 teaspoon

    Salt to taste

    Oil to fry


    Boil the potatoes, peel them and mash them finely.

    Wash, peel and grate the carrots finely

    Dry roast the steel rolled oats for a few minutes and allow to cool.

    Mix the mashed potatoes, grates potatoes, roasted oats, salt, chopped chilly, ginger garlic paste, garam masala powder in a bowl.

    Take the batter of the size of one tablespoon full and roll them each into a ball and press them a bit flat to cutlet shapes.

    Now heat oil in a pan and deep fry the cutlets till crispy.

  • Chicken Stew


    Chicken cut into small pioeces 500 gram

    Potato peeled and sliced into pieces 1 nos

    1. Onion chopped 1

    Cashew nuts 50 gram

    2. Cinnamon 2-3 pieces of 5 cm

    Cardamom 5 nos

    Clove 5 nos

    Curry leaves 2 sprig$Oil as needed

    3. Onion chopped 3 nos

    Green chillies sliced 4 nos

    Garlic chopped 5-6 cloves

    Pepper powder 1 teaspoon

    Garam masala 1/2 teaspoon

    Coconut milk 200 ml (Milk powder 1 tablespoon in 200 ml water)

    Salt to taste


    Heat oil in a pan, add cashew nuts, onions, and saute till it reaches golden  colour and keep aside.

    Add cinnamon, clove, green chillies, garlic onions and saute for a while stirring regularly.  

    When done add curry leaves, chicken and 1/4 of the coconut milk and one cup water and salt and cook for 15 minutes.

    Add the potato pieces, garam masala and the rest of the coconut milk and cook for a further 15 minutes on low flame.

    Add the sauted cashew-onion mix kept aside to it.

    Mix lightly and serve hot with appam, chappathi, bread, palappam, idiyappam, puttu, pathiri and the like.

  • Peanut Oats Laddu/Peanut Oats Sweet Balls

    • Ingredients
    • Fried peanuts 200 grams
    • Oats 200 grams
    • Dates 200 grams
    • Butter 1 tablespoons
    • Honey 1-2 tablespoons
    • Cardamom powder 1/4 teaspoons


    Grind the fried peanuts coarsely.

    Heat butter in a pan and fry the oats flakes for a few minutes stirring well.

    Remove from heat and allow to cool.

    Remove the seeds from the dates and grind them into a paste using a mixer grinder. If it is too thick add 1-2 teaspoon honey.

    Now add the fried oats to the dates paste in the grinder and grind or blend them together.

    Now remove the paste from the grinder, add the cardamom powder and ground peanut and mix all together.

    Now form small balls of uniform size. You may decorate the balls using raisins or the like.

  • Risotto with Fish and Green Peas


    Risotto rice 11/2 cup (350 gram)

    Olive oil 3 tablespoons

    White wine 100 ml

    Shallots 1 nos

    Vegetable bullion 1 litre

    Cheese 50 gram

    Salt to taste

    Pepper to taste

    Frozen green peas 200 gram

    Spring onions a handful

    Fish 4 pieces.


    Chop the shallots.

    Saute the rice adding a little bit of oil.

    Add wine to it.

    Add bullion and cook till the rice becomes tender.

    Add cottage cheese, salt and pepper.

    Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a frying pan, fry the fish turning it on both sides, add green peas and saute for two three minutes.

    Serve risotto in plates garnishing with fried fish, green peas and chopped spring onions,

  •  Chicken Pickle

     Chicken Pickle may sound absurd and awesome.  But it is possible to make delicious and spicy pickles with anything and everything.


    Boneless chicken 500 gram

    Fenugreek powder 1/2 teaspoon

    Garlic 10 cloves

    Vinegar 250 ml

    Mustard powder 1 teaspoon

    Oil to fry

    Red chilli powder 1 tablespoon

    Salt to taste

    Turmeric powder 1/2 teaspoon

    Vinegar 1 tablespoon


    Cut chicken into small pieces.

    Put the chicken pieces in a bowl, add chilli powder, salt and 1 tablespoon vinegar and mix well and set aside for half an hour to marinate.

    Heat oil in a pan and fry the chicken pieces, drain and keep aside.

    Heat 2 tablespoon oil in another pan, add chopped garlic and saute.

    Add fenugreek powder, mustard powder, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, vinegar and mix well.

    Add the fried chicken pieces, vinegar and mix well.

    Take off from the fire and allow to cool.

    Can be stored for a long time in air-tight jars.

    Keep the jars in fridge for a long shelf life.

  • Indian Gooseberry Chutney

    Indian Gooseberry Chutney


    Coriander leaves a bunch

    Gooseberry 200 grams.

    Green chilli 5 nos.

    Ginger a small piece

    Olive/coconut oil 1 tablespoon.

    Salt to taste


    Wash the coriander leaves and let it dry.

    Split the gooseberries, remove the seeds and slice into small pieces.

    Remove the seeds from the green chillies and chop them into small pieces.

    Remove the skin of the ginger and chop into small pieces.

    Put all these ingredients into a mixer bowl, add salt and oil and grind it into a smooth paste/chutney.

  • Carrot Kheer (Carrot Payasam)

    Carrot Kheer (Carrot Payasam)


    Carrot 500 grams

    Milk 1 litre

    Sugar 100 grams

    Saffron a pinch

    Almond flakes (pieces) 1 tablespoon


    Clean and peel the carrots, and cut them into small pieces.

    Cook the carrot pieces adding some milk till it becomes tender.

    Remove the carrot pieces from heat, add sugar to it and mash it to a paste.

    Cook the rest of the milk on low heat adding the saffrons.

    Add the carrot paste to this and mix well.

    Allow to cool.

    Serve chilled garnishing with fried almond flakes and saffron strands.

  • Scrambled Eggs


    Eggs 4 nos

    Ginger chopped 1 teaspoon

    Coconut scrapped 100 gram

    Green chilli chopped 4 nos

    Onion chopped 1 nos

    Curry leaves 1 sprig

    Salt to taste

    Oil 1 tablespoon


    Heat oil in a pan and add onion and green chilli and cook for a few minutes stirring well till the onion is cooked.

    Add ginger, salt and curry leaves and stir well

    Add the eggs one after another and stir well.

    Add the scrapped coconut and cook for a further 5 minutes stirring the thoran well till it becomes dry.

    Can be served with main dishes like boiled rice, chapati, bread boiled potatoes tapioca and the like.

  • Beet Root Juice with White wine

    A Colourful Apéritif with Beet-root Juice


    Beetroot juice 50 ml

    White wine 150 ml

    Fresh orange juice 2 teaspoon

    Lime slices to garnish


    Pour the beetroot juice into a glass.

    Add the wine over it and mix gently.

    Add fresh orange juice and one or two ice cubes and decorate with lime slices and serve.