Mashed Potatoes the traditional way

Mashed potatoes is a simple and delicious recipe which can be relished with a wide variety of side dishes. It can be enjoyed at any time of the day and is a favourite of young and old alike. Here we go for the simplest mashed potato recipe. Ingredients Potatoes (Baking potatoes) 500 gram Garlic 3-4 cloves Milk 1 cup Butter 2 tablespoons Pepper powder as per your taste Salt to taste Preparation Peel the potatoes and cut them into medium sized pieces. Peel the garlic cloves. Boil water in a deep pan, add some salt, and add the potato pieces … Continue reading Mashed Potatoes the traditional way

Potato Salad

Potato salads are tasty and according to the preparation and the ingredients used you can make a vast variety of potato salad. Here this one use lemon juice as the base for its sauce and is very healthy. Ingredients Potatoes (Hard cooking type). 500 gm. Onion finely chopped 1 nos Lemon zested and juiced 1 nos Olive oil 2 tablespoons Salt 1/2 teaspoon Green chillies chopped 4 nos Spring onion chopped 1 tablespoons Parsley chopped 1 tablespoons Preparation Boil the potatoes in a vessel and when cooked drain the hot water and allow to cool adding cold water. When it … Continue reading Potato Salad

Potato Mozarella Balls

Potato Mozzarella Balls Ingredients Cooked and mashed potatoes 2 cups Salt as per taste Onion finely chopped 2 nos Green chillies chopped 1 nos Parsley chopped 1 tablespoon All purpose flour 2 tablespoon Egg 1 nos Bread crumbs 2 tablespoons  Mozzarella cheese diced 50 gram Oil for frying Preparation Peel wash and cut the potatoes into pieces. Cook the potatoes in a pot adding enough water to submerge all the potato pieces and 1/2 cup water. When cooked drain the water and mash the potatoes into a fine paste. Chop the onions, green chillies, parsley and keep aside separately. Add … Continue reading Potato Mozarella Balls

Potatoe Wedges

I remember the day very well. I was in London for a business trip, and I was craving for something to quench my hunger.  I happened to pass by a takeaway and saw the potato wedges on display and decided to buy some. I remember that it was a hot day, and I enjoyed my potato wedges on the banks of the great Thames. The taste of the potatoes, the saltiness of the sauce, and the crunch of the wedges all topped off my perfect day. Then back at home I tried to bake it for me and tried several … Continue reading Potatoe Wedges