Banana Pudding

Banana Pudding


Banana peeled and sliced 500 gram

Milk 500 ml.

Sugar 100 gram

Butter 2 teaspoon

Eggs 2 nos

Cardamom powder a pinch

Vanilla essence a few drops

Raisins 2 tablespoons.


Heat a thick-bottomed pan and caramelise the sugar, remove from heat and allow to cool.

Heat butter in a pan and roast the bananas.

Mix the eggs and milk in a bowl and beat well.

Add the roasted banana, caramelised sugar, raisins, vanilla essence and cardamom powder to the bowl and mix well.

Fold the beaten egg-milk mixture to it.

Pour the mixture into greased moulds and bake for 20 minutes at 180°C preheated oven.

Serve garnishing with almond flakes.

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