Chapati is a low fat flat bread made up of wheat flour.  In north India it is the main food item of the common man.  They use it from breakfast over to supper.  It is served with a wide variety of vegetables as well as non-veg curries.


Whole wheat flour 250 gram

All purpose flour 250 gram

Luke warm water as needed (200 ml)

Vegetable oil 2 tablespoon

Salt to taste


Mix flour and salt in a vessel.

Add vegetable oil, water and mix well into a smooth dough.

Knead the dough until it becomes soft.

Make small balls out of it, cover them with a wet cloth and leave at room temeperature for at least 30 minutes.

Heat a skillet or a thick bottomed pan and give a few drops of oil to grease the pan.

Roll the dough balls into round thin bread.

Use a little flour on the table top when the bread sticks on the surface.

Place the chapatis on the hot pan and cook them turning on both sides till done.

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